We Have No Resources in Europe-Ramin Fallah

مجله پزشکی و سلامت

بررسی مقالات پزشکی

We Have No Resources in Europe-Ramin Fallah

مجله پزشکی و سلامت بررسی مقالات پزشکی

We Have No Resources in Europe-Ramin Fallah

Bad habit director of Medical Equipment Merchants Union has said about the instrument of setting up a budgetary channel with Switzerland: "In Iran, the organizations acquiring drugs pay the cash to Iranian banks and these banks send the monetary credit to the records in the banks of Switzerland. In any case, the principle issue is that Iranian banks don't access to the assets required for the procedure of cash transmission, in Europe".

IMEDPRESS reports that Ramin Fallah, bad habit executive of Medical Equipment Merchants Union, has said about the gathering with administrator of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and chief of Medical Equipment segment in Ministry of Health: "Yesterday, a gathering was held with three gatherings all through which director of Iran-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce declared that he is going to build up a money related channel to import medications to Iran".

" Mr. Sharif Nezam Mafi proclaimed that Switzerland has built up a component and structure for tranquilize importation to get it cash from Iran. This structure is explicit to pharmaceutical organizations in Switzerland and doesn't cover medicinal hardware organizations and different enterprises in European Union", he included.

Fallah repeated: "Some of Iranian banks are conversed with about the procedures of cash transmission among which two are probably going to be chosen. In Switzerland, additionally, BCP Bank is answerable for cash transference".

"In Iran, purchaser organizations pay the cash to the Iranian bank and the bank sends cash to a record in BCP Bank of Switzerland. Nonetheless, the principle issue is that Iranian banks has no assets in Europe to play out the procedure of cash transference", he clarified.

Ramin Fallah included: "The other point is that even if there should be an occurrence of access to the necessary assets, every one of the areas for example the organization that buys drugs, the organization that sells the medications and the bank-are required to demand for and get a few licenses from sanctions supervisory specialists. The procedure takes after the strategy for "Oil for Food" which is run in Iran, as well".

"The gathering in Switzerland would in general play out the procedure with Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency yet Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran doesn't perceive these instruments. In this way, the customary techniques are liked. Then again, regardless of whether every one of these issues are settled, we, the medication shippers, don't have Rials to pay to the banks", he declaired.

He stated: "In therapeutic hardware and medications areas, our money related cases against Ministry of Health have come to over 2.000 and 3.000 billion Tomans, individually.Then again, the uncalled for approach of the Ministry to evaluating has prompted horrendous circumstances in organizations bringing in medications and medicinal hardware".


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